Which filtering pitchers are better- Dafi or Brita
Which filtering pitchers are better – Dafi or Brita?
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Filtered or mineral water
Filtered or mineral water
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Why and how to remove silica from water?

Why and how to remove silica from water

Silica does not threaten our organism but there are such situations in which its presence is not a a desirable phenomenon. It is present in water from every source. What is it and why to remove it?

Silicon in water

This substance occurs in water in the form of a cloudy sediment. The most often it can be visible in surface waters and wells. Changeable weather conditions, as for example thaws, precipitation, increase the turbidity of water. Another option is the presence of colloids in water. Pouring tap water we can meet such a problem.

Removing silica thanks to the reverse osmosis

The process of the reverse osmosis is about application of osmotic membranes, which are designed to separate water from substances dissolved in it (eg dirt). Silica negatively influences the osmotic membrane by clogging and destroying it and that is why it is so important to regularly check the filtering membrane.
An interesting offer has Dafi- Polish producer of cartridges for osmosis with a mineralizer. They are responsible for supplementing water with necessary elements, as for instance silicon. Water received in this process is not cloudy. If we want to use it for washing clothes we do not have to worry about the sediment that the silica is responsible for.
Little amounts of silica are not a threat for us- silicon strengthens the cartilage and makes the skin more resistant to harmful factors. The biggest enemy of silica are some industries and aquariums.

Aquaristics and silica

Dafi appliances are not only pitchers and bottles but also flow filters which should be mounted at the end of the series (according to the direction of water outflow), as recommended by the producer. That is why we can freely use filtered water for home aquariums.
Dafi products are universal, fast in use and not complicated taht is why it is worth to have them at homes.