When to change the filter in a Dafi pitcher
When to change the filter in a Dafi pitcher?
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Why and how to remove silica from water
Why and how to remove silica from water?
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Which filtering pitchers are better – Dafi or Brita?

Which filtering pitchers are better- Dafi or Brita

The interest in quality of water which we drink is growing significantly. A wide variety and affordable price of filtering devices helps it. In Poland there are two producers who are the most popular: Dafi and Brita. Their products can be easily purchased even in temporary offers of estate discounts.

Short characteristics

Products of these top brands are slightly different from each other. Capacity, color and design- these three key elements cause that we will not confuse the pitchers of Dafi from the pitchers of Brita. But, the quality is very similar. They are made of a good material- both in the case of a plastic casing which is far better than in bottled water from shops as well as its glass equivalent.
Filtered water is healthier, has better taste than tap water and it is free of heavy metals, chlorine and rust from pipes. We can easily adjust filters that meet our needs. There are even those on the market thanks to which our filtered water will be richer in magnesium.

Where is the difference between Dafi and Brita?

Most of all, the difference is who was first on a Polish market. Brita has an advantage here, because it is a western producer with over 50 years of history. But, a Polish producer is not much younger, which not everyone knows, more often associating Brita for the right one.
Dafi filters can be favoured by the issue of being universal because they fit well into pitchers of a German producer.

Customers appreciate meeting their needs

What makes Dafi stand out? The producer has in its offer different water filtering pitchers so everyone will find something for themselves. The big advantage is that a whole production process takes place in Poland. The product are easy- available and can be purchased on- line on a website sklep.dafi.pl.