Which filtering pitchers are better- Dafi or Brita
Which filtering pitchers are better – Dafi or Brita?
4 lipca, 2019
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When to change the filter in a Dafi pitcher?

When to change the filter in a Dafi pitcher

Filtering water at home has more and more supporters. It is cheap, reduces the production of plastic which littering our environment and improves the taste of water. In order to enjoy efficient appliance for filtering water for a long time we have to take care of its elements- the most for ”a pitcher’s heart”- a filter.

Why is Dafi so popular?

Modern design, a rich option of capacity and colors are just some of the advantages of Dafi products. First of all, it is a Polish producer, so its products are open- accessable and they are easy to get them. They meet clients’ expectations and meets their needs, introducing both a large selection of devices and filters. The offer includes filters with an additional portion of magnesium, which is a great option for people who play sports, drink lots of coffee, and for those who have heart problems.

Is filtering economic?

Filtering devices of Dafi producer mostly consists of 3 parts:
a filtering pitcher – a main container, a container with a filter, a cover,
– a bottle- a main container, a container wit a filter, a cup.

Mainly, we save our time on preparing water which we can drink directly from a bottle or a pitcher withour a need of boiling it. Tap water is not too tasty (although it also depends on the region). Flowing through pipes often „gathers” rust, sand and microorganisms. That is why we buy a bottled water and at the same time we consume a large amounts of plastic- even up to a few kilograms a month. One filter is about 10 grams of plastic and it is less than one and a half bottle of water. We will see changes in our wallet. The cost of a pitcher and a filter is about 17.5 USD ( but often there are sales). It is worth to try it.

The expiration date of the filter

Activated carbon contained in the filter is designed to remove chlorine and impurities from the water.