Filtered or mineral water
Filtered or mineral water
12 lipca, 2019
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Green water in a tap – where does it come from? What to do?

Green water in a tap - where does it come from

We got used to the fact that rusty shade of water is the result of maintenance work or failure, however, green water still raises anxiety and is something new. Its appearance has several reasons.

Food coloring

Every few years heating companies carry out a leak test of the installation. In order to do that they use food coloring in a green color. This water is not a threat for health and it can be used to baths or watering plants. It is advised to use cold water which will not be colored.

Damaged installation

Water colored in green should not get to the installation. But, if it happens it can mean wear of gaskets or certain elements out which are responsible for the production of hot water.
Another reason can be a copper installation that is resistant to corrosion, chlorine and aging, which is why it is often used in homes. However, the combination of copper and hard water gives off a greenish deposit. Oxygen contained in water reacts to copper, and as a result, copper oxide is formed. Thanks to it, a protective layer is deposited on the walls of the pipes, which in time blocks the reaction of copper with oxygen, so the green sediment disappears.

What should be done?

First of all, if the color of water comes from the interference from the heating company, we can be sure of an earlier announcement, which will allow us to protect ourselves against the lack of water. In any other cases we should contact with proper authorities in order to eliminate the reason of the breakdown. If we decide on copper armature, we must ensure that the protective layer produced on the walls of the pipes is not destroyed, as there is a risk of re-reaction of oxygen with copper. That is why a good solution is to install on- pipes filters.