Why and how to remove silica from water
Why and how to remove silica from water?
8 lipca, 2019
Green water in a tap - where does it come from
Green water in a tap – where does it come from? What to do?
18 lipca, 2019
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Filtered or mineral water

Filtered or mineral water

Water is indispensable for every human. Without a proper irrigation whole of our body is suffering It is not caloric so it is perfect for people being on a diet. It is difficult to decide what kind of water to drink- spring, mineral or maybe tap water? And yet we can filter it – especially since we have a native Dafi producer.

What kind of water we can get in shops?

One of the fastest way to supply in water is to buy it in shops. But, this water has its disadvantages- we do not have an access to it all the time and taking part in plastic production is harmful for our planet. Let’s have a look what bottled water offers us:
– spring water- comes from underground sources and has a low mineral content (and not very stable qualitative composition) – usually, however, from the information on the labels we can find out that it has a mineral composition or comes from … a tap.
– mineral water- similarly as the previous one comes from underground sources. Its mineral composition is stable, and the water is characterized by the content of anions and cations above 1000 mg / l,
– medicated / table water – it is obtained from sources with a very high content of minerals and therefore should not be used arbitrarily, because there is a risk of overdose of micronutrients in the diet.
Of these three proposals, mineral water is the best.

Mineral water vs filterd water

Comparing these two abovementioned water we can get to know that apart of some differences they are almost identical. They differ in a way how they are „served”. Filtered water- in the case of Dafi auxiliary products – can be puryfied by bottles or pitchers filters made of glass or non-hazardous plastic, as well as flow filters applied to water installations. But, plastic bottles from shops consists of harmful bisphenol A and its production is not ecologoical.